Now, I didn’t just land here haphazardly, I assure you. There were more than a few detours. I’ve done everything from waiting tables in restaurants, data capturing medical information for academic research to planning strategies for some cool brands. I’ve also had the pleasure of working along some amazing mentors, but, like you too I’m sure, I had my fair share of Horrible Bosses, too. I’ve even been retrenched.

But, looking back now, I knew I wanted more. So, I set out on the path of self-discovery. And to be honest, I am by no means done with that journey.
And, after months on my own coaching journey, yoga retreats, kicking some bad habits that were no longer serving me and finding some equilibrium between mint tea and wine, although a lot more clear-headed, I was still no closer to a definitive plan for exactly what I wanted that more to be.

Then, one rainy March morning, as I did the 1.5hr drive to my 9-5, I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast, with Eckhart Tolle as her guest. And she said something so profound, it brought me to tears. She said…

Your purpose isn’t what you discover. It’s the thing that has been waiting in your soul all along, that whispers to you and never really goes away

She also said she’d always known she was meant to teach people, and to use the medium of television to do so. She’d always known. And I thought, what have I always known?

The answer? That I wanted to help people discover new things about the world and themselves so they can live their best lives.

And so, here we are 🙂

Now, reality is that we don’t all always know, right? We just do the best with the opportunities that are presented to us. But, what I learned on this journey, my friend, is that if we pay enough attention, if we get down to the very core of ourselves, those little whispers will become lounder.

As a coach, I commit to partnering with you. I commit to getting curious with you, about your values, beliefs, your many amazing talents and skills, your interests and passions.
I commit to helping you get better at listening out for the things you’ve always known, and (finally) turning those things into a reality.

I’d be so keen to have a good chat about how you’d like to partner on to find your thing (or things!).