Partnering with women to unleash their inner superpower

I’m Rox Marthinussen, a Personal Power Coach completing my Coaching diploma at The South African College of Applied Psychology. I also work as an advertising strategist, I’m the on-again-off-again writer of this little platform; The Staple Blog, as well as a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with “good girl” tendencies.

A few years ago I made the decision to kick a few bad habits (and people) out of my life and found myself in a coach’s chair once a week, trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do with my life.

Although my life was actually pretty great already – I was happily married, had an enviable job and a wonderful loving support system of family and chosen family and tons more ambitions in my career and life – on the inside, I just could not shake feelings of:

  • Failure for not being able to stick to new habits I was trying to put in place in my life
  • Doubt that what I was doing in my work & home life was enough
  • Anxiety over saying No
  • Pressure to be living by the “shoulds” of others
  • Powerlessness over of my own time and ultimately my own life

I felt like I had forgotten a piece of who I was and I was ready to make some serious changes!

Sound familiar?

…then you’re in exactly the right place

I work with clients to bring to the surface the forgotten, neglected and ignored parts of themselves, that we often run away from or hide; and ultimately hinder us from fully stepping into our most energetic and intentional lives.
I believe that by tapping into these traits and beginning to own them as critical parts of what makes us unique and awesome, we turn these into very powerful positive tools to help us uplevel and begin to really start living life on our own terms.

In our time together we’ll begin creating awareness of these traits; embracing and owing them. Turning them into supercharged tools that you can use to start making the best decisions for yourself in any challenge you might find yourself in.

We’ll tap into the inner intelligence of your body, mind & soul, using these learnings to devise unique-to-you strategies for owning and embracing your power.

As your coach, I won’t dictate these strategies, but rather act as your thinking partner along the way. Co-creating the most feasible way to take these strategies into achievable actions that will ultimately, bringing about the change you seek.

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