2020 New Year Intentions

For the last few years, I’ve chosen to make New Year Intentions, not Resolutions. Sure, it’s all just words but words are how we define our whole lives. So, we really should be more careful about how we use them.

A Resolution implies that something needs to be resolved, fixed or mended. Like something was wrong or broken before. But I just simply don’t believe anything in my life is broken. Of course, I can always improve some things, and take them from good to better. But they do not need a “fix”.

So instead, I’ve began making Intentions; defined as something one wants, or plans to do.  This opened me up to thinking about my “resolutions” as goals, instead of fixes. As tasks that I could achieve and not aspects of myself that I didn’t like that I wanted to somehow be rid of.

2019 was tough. Although, of course it unearthed many nasties that I needed to eliminate and brought up parts of my life and myself that I needed to learn to re-love, re-accept and re-integrate; it took me through some shitty places to get there.

And although, I came out of 2019 mentally exhausted and physically depleted, I felt spiritually strong. I felt like I shed parts of myself that I no longer needed. And re-discovered a part of myself – I might even dare to call her my soul – that I think I forgot about.

Despite all the shitty bits of 2019, I feel like I’ve emerged standing strong, grounded, self-assured and more determined than ever before.

And that is what I want to take forward into 2020, and this new decade. That is what I want to nurture and grow.

So, for 2020, I intend:

1.To embrace joy and have more fun:
The last few years have been a season of hard grind; at work, with my studies, in relationships and friendships and even working on myself, too. And as necessary as this work was, to weed out the shit that is no longer serving me, it tended to suck the fun right out of everything, lol.
So, I’m prioritising more time for relaxation, enjoyment and spontaneity into 2020. I’m looking forward to discovering ways to incorporate this into my everyday, so that it becomes less of a ‘thing to be done’ and more of a practice and a habit.

2. To reduce the amount of things in my life and enjoy more time spent experiencing:
We’ve accumulated a lot of stuff since owning a home, especially because we have a room for our clothes (yes, you read that right, it says room, not closet). And as much as I do the bi-annual clean out of our closet and other general things, it always seems to re-accumulate.
Now, by no means am I saying I’m selling all my worldly possessions and joining a monastery because I really like things. I enjoy shopping for and owning beautiful clothing and shoes, homeware, furniture, stationary even!
But some of those things I have enjoyed less. I’ve felt bogged down by the amount of the things and even a little greedy and guilty. And, I really don’t wanna go through life feeling that way.
So, I’m committing to less time on shopping apps and in malls, and more time spent enjoying the things I already have and really love; both the material things and those wonderfully intangible things, too.

3. To begin building the foundation for security and legacy for the next decade of my life:
Having shed a lot of my baby-self bullshit over the last few years, my older, wiser self has been whispering to me to start thinking about a long term strategy for my financial wellness.
I’m not 100% sure what security and legacy is going to look like for me in 10 years time, but I do know that it starts with making smarter financial choices now.
I am on track to have all my unnecessary debt paid off in 2020, as well as investing in the Staple platform, my coaching practice, my studies and a new home.
Sure, this is just a small starting point to achieve something that can seem quite big and scary. But the fear is lessened by the intention to see it through and a plan in place to make it happen.

I’m more excited than I have ever been for the year ahead. And not in the silly, bubbly kind of way. But, in a way that I can almost taste the success it will bring, already 🙂

I wish you all an intentional and prosperous 2020. Go for gold, lovelies 😉


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