The 2019 Festive Gift Guide: The HER Edition

It takes a lot for me to get into the Christmas spirit, and buying gifts for people is one way I like to do that. I kind of suck a gift giving at other times of the year. I’m that friend who, if it weren’t for Facebook, would forget your birthday. Sorry 😦

But, there is something about the prospect of bankrupting myself over festive that really just gets me super excited about gifts, lol.
And as much as I love to buy for the dudes in my life – check out the His Edition Gift Guide here – I love buying for my ladies way, way more.

And shopping for that quirky, strange or just slightly left-of-centre friend, bestie or work-wife can be tricky.  So, here are a few fun and relatively budget friendly gifts I stumbled across to go under the tree this year.

Yes, this is a perfectly curated wish-list of stuff I actually want for Christmas – you got me! But also, you’re welcome 🙂


The Zen Goddess
IMG_5680I love using essential oils in my beauty routine and in the bath (Lavender, for the win!), but a diffuser makes using them more often easy, without too much wastage.

This Aura Purity Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser has a minimalist, modern design making it a good fit for most home or office environments, without looking too hippy.

Grab this chic one on Takealot for R669.


The Bookworm
IMG_5698Looking for a great summer read for your bestie? Look no further, I got you!

City of Girls is the latest novel by acclaimed (and my personal favourite) Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame.
It is set in 1920’s New York City and follows the lives of a few well-known NY party girls of the era. I mean, does it get any better than that?

As a HUGE fan (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?!) I cannot wait to get my paws on this!

Pick it up the paperback for R190 on Takealot.


The Smoothie Junkie
IMG_5697Now this little machine seems like an absolute wonder!

I make a green smoothie for work most days, and there are a few days where I forget, or just don’t have time to drink it.
Because I often put loads of fats in mine, it sometimes gets separated from standing too long. And I always wish I had access to a blender to give it one last whizz, before drinking it.

This D&A Health On-the-Go Blender would finally allow me to do that. It’s battery operated, so no cords are involved, and has a charging port, so I could keep it in my desk & charge as needed. Genius!

For R450, it’s a steal for the convenience.


The Hostess


There are few things I love more about being a home owner, than having people over. Particularly having people over & putting together a fabulous cheese board for snacking! It’s a art people.
So, it makes sense then, that I love a good cheese knife set for serving a fabulous cheese board. 

This Bone Set from Poetry is so beautiful. With its vintage style, it would make a lovely edition to any festive pool side table.

This set is R350.


Summer is also a great time to whip up a colourful, crunchy salad to accompany the braai.

My bestie loves to flatter me by saying how great my salads are – I think she does that just to get me to make one, instead of her 😉 But, I do love to throw together a good one, it’s true!

And just like a good cheese board, utensils are key. This Mother Of Pearl Serving Set at Poetry is the perfect balance of trend and sophistication – equally as classy as it is effortless.

At Poetry for R 299.


Lil Miss Accessorize
My bestie is an accessories fiend. I’d hazard a guess that she has more pairs of earrings than my husband has sneakers – and he has A LOT of sneakers. The best part about my dear friend is, that she continues to be lit up by even more accessories, lol. She makes it sooo easy 😉

Below are a few hits for Summer all from Poetry.

This Summer cannot be lived without a straw bag of some kind. I love this clutch option, because straw bags are usually oversized for daywear or beach utility. A clutch adds a new spin on an old classic – love!
This Delia Straw clutch is R 399 at Poetry.


As a 10 year old I dreamed of two key accessories in my wardrobe, a silk neckerchief (don’t ask) and a Kimono. I dreamed of days spent lounging on beaches in the South of France or off the Italian coastline, in a fabulous Kimono sipping exotic cocktails.
I obviously grew up watching too many James Bond movies with my mommy!

But, this Poetry Tropical Kimono is dreamy enough to make at least half that dream come true at R 499. The print is bang-on trend and the length and style suit a modest beach-goer like myself, covering enough arm and leg, not to feel too revealing.


These minimalist silver geometric teardrop shaped earring feel like the final touch to an effortless summer day-to-evening look.

I love them because of their modern simplicity, which can be hard to find at R 99. A perfect, budget friendly Secret Santa gift option.



Madam Marie Kondo My Life

AlexaLilyShopOne of my MOST favourite things about the start of a new year, is the prospect of buying new work stationary, a new journal and a new yearly planner. I LOVE it!

So, when I very recently stumbled across the most beautiful brand of Planners and Journals, Alexa Lily, I couldn’t resist but put in my 2020 order!

They have a range of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendars and Journal Planners for your convenience. Their designs are beautiful and feminine, and can also be personalised to your business or brand preference.

I snagged a their newest addition, the Weekly Planner for R 540 and an A3 Calendar Planner to pop on the fridge, for the house for R 370.


The Culture Kween

Ok, so little known fact – I did ballet until I was 11. And I loved it! But, I had to choose between that and Drama class and it was no contest, lol.

But, I still love to watch ballet. And have always dreamed of seeing the St Petersburg Ballet perform.

They will be in SA for only about 10 days at the Artscape, doing Swan Lake and it’s a definite Must-Do.

If you’re looking for something to impress your theatre-going bestie, a night with the St Petersburg ballet will do the trick!

Tickets start at R 250.


Remember to have fun shopping this festive and to be responsible with your hard earned money, you deserve to treat yourself well too.
Happy shopping. Happy Holidays.

Please note:
This is not an ad for any of the products featured in this guide, but simply a wish-list of items I have researched as possible gifts.
The links used are subject to change, given the time the blog goes live.


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