The 2019 Staple Festive Gift Guide: The HIS Edition

The way I see it, Festive season results in two overarching emotions: Joy or Stress.

For those of us who need a little more than Christmas Cheer to get us through the holidays, the stress can be exacerbated by trying to find the perfect gift for the dudes in our lives.

And with a husband, 2 brothers, a dad, dad-in-law, brother-in-law and 5 boy-kids to get stuff for, finding cool gifts for the guys is basically my part time job, come mid November every year.

So, I decided to put my research on public record for anyone else who needs some help with finding a great, non-traditional gift for those special guys in our lives, who despite the year we’ve had, have been proper knights, kings and clowns whenever we’ve needed them to be.

Here are a couple of ideas, for whatever kind of guy you’d like to spoil this Christmas…

The Sneakerhead:

IMG_5661When you live with a man who has more pairs of shoes than you do, you start paying attention to what matters 😉

Nike ID has recently become available to the SA market, allowing the user to customize their favourite Nike sport or lifestyle sneaker to fit their own individual style.

If there’s a guy in your life who is a Nike fan and you’re willing to splurge a little, this is the ultimate in grail gifts! Trust me, I have it on good authority.

This one-of-a-kind gift will cost you anywhere between R2000-R5000, depending on the style of sneaker you choose to customize.


Gadget Geek:


Ok, so this feels more like a gift to give to each other, because the rewards are mutual.

If you have a good smart TV and a wireless connection that allows you to stream content, an  Apple TV Device for the house is the next step in your home entertainment journey.

The device will cost around R2500, with a monthly subscription cost of less than R80. We’ve had ours for about 2 years now, and it’s just the best. Now that Apple is actually producing their own content too, i.e. The Morning Show, it’s only going to get better. This is a must-have!


Sunny Side Up:

IMG_5669These hexagonal Ray Bans are the latest shape from my favourite sunglass brand. They just scream summer 2020, with all the usual protective, polarised lens technology that Ray Ban is known for.

The green and gold colour-way is always a classic choice, but these babies come in a few shades for all style preferences. Starting from about R2000, they’re still a really reasonable price for great quality, trendy-classic, cool sunnies for the summer.


The Cook/ Braai-Master:

IMG_5665Now this one is a little personal.
Campbell Armoury is a leather company owned by a dear friend and her products are just spectacular!

I have a few bags and belts from her range, but an item that I’ve been dying to get my hands on for The Hubster, is the leather Apron.

All her products are hand stitched, using locally sourced leather. Campbell’s signature is the use of naturally tanned and coloured leather, in a variety of textures, to produce really gorgeous, modern, cool pieces.

And the Apron is no exception. It’s the perfect balance between masculine and stylish.
Priced at R1200.


Mr Adventurous:

IMG_5700My brother and sister-in-law are experience junkies. They love being gifted something new, they might not have tried before.

Something like this Guided Water Bike experience, would be perfect for them.

The bikes are elevated, so you don’t get too wet, and are driven by propellers, so it looks and feels like you’re gliding on the ocean surface – how cool is that?!

This would also make a lovely gift for friends visiting Cape Town over the summer.
Priced at about R 1180 for two people.


Sippin’ on Gin & Juice:

IMG_5667If you’re not drinking some gin over the summer, you can’t sit with us. Jokes! (But, seriously, what else are you drinking?)

If, like me, you know a guy who’ll bring maraschino cherries to a paintballing party, for cocktails, this Gin-making Homekit is for that guy!

It’s not too complicated, only taking about a day and half from starting your gin, to sipping your gin. Priced at about R870.


Modern man, modern accessories:

IMG_5671The moonbag is back in a big way but, be warned, it’s not for everyone.

If you have a guy in your life who likes to push fashion boundaries, is totally comfortable with his masculinity and also has a lot of shit to carry around, try this one from North Face.

Like many other 90’s brands, this one has made quite a comeback. Find this Lumber Bum bag at Shelflife, for about R599.



Herschel has a couple of really nice backpacks too, if a moonbag isn’t going to cut it. They make really modern, trendy pieces for the guy who is not the chino & leather briefcase kind of dude.

IMG_5673This black and tan Day Pack is a great neutral, and can fit a notebook, lunch bag and a couple of other essentials he might need to carry around, quite comfortably.

Check it out on Shelflife for R599.




Herschel has cool wallets too. This Grey Roy wallet is the perfect basic, in a not-so-basic colour that’s still minimalist enough to go with almost everything.

Again, check it at Shelflife for about R499.


Cap Lovers Unite!

Summer is generally cap season for the guys. My brother is big fan of old-school, baseball style caps.

NY CapsNew Era caps recently opened up a store in Canal Walk and I have it on good authority that they have the best colour and style range.
The classic NY style is always a winner (if he doesn’t already have one) and New Era provides an array of colour combinations.

They range from around R350 – 500.



For the Kid-at-Heart:

IMG_5699Now, here’s a fun one 🙂
A Swan-kiddie pool, because…why not? Lol.

He could use it to fill with ice for keeping the beers cold, or just as an interesting (and weird) talking piece at parties, lol. Whatever man, it’s festive 😉

Takelot will take care of this silly little gift for about R400.


The Muso:


Takealot, surprisingly, has a great selection of vinyl records for the music enthusiast. Thier selection ranges from 90’s grunge to some great hip hop and soul albums that are pretty rare vinyl finds.

He’ll totally love you for this gift, if he’s a true muso. Have a scroll around on Takealot under Music, Vinyl

Records start from about R200 – R500.



This was super fun to put together.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Please note:
This is not an ad for any of the products featured in this guide, but simply a wishlist of items I have researched for possible gifts.
The links used are subject to change, given the time the blog goes live.


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