Change of Season Beauty Life-savers

A recent trip up to the highveld got my skin ALL messed up and I realised, if I didn’t have my usual stash of go-to products with me, I may not have managed! As we move out of the colder months, my skin and hair need some extra tender loving care to survive the unpredictable cold, wind and office air-con wars!

Also, as I’ve gotten older, my skin and hair have become progressively drier and way more sensitive, which has forced me to invest in a few products that help ease these woes and quite frankly,  save my life during change of season months.

IMG_3686I like to start with good basics to moisturise sufficiently and maintain smooth, polished skin.
Dermalogica has just the thing! I use their Intensive Moisture Balance day cream. It’s packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, ginkgo and echinacea too, so it not only helps reduce fine lines on the skin, but also helps to protect the skin from the harsh and sometimes unpredictable environmental changes.
It’s pricey, yes. But, the 100ml tube lasts a good 8-10weeks, if used once a day, making it pretty worth it.

I also like a gentle exfoliant to help brighten up dull skin that can be caused by limited exposure to the sun in the colder months, as we transition into spring. This Dermalogica one (Daily Microfoliant) is gentle enough to use every day, but that’s a bit much for me, so I prefer to use it just about twice a week. It has a great powdery consistency that blends with water to create a nice, fine paste. It always makes my skin feel fresher, smoother & more polished. And it’s especially great to use on the lips to clear away any build-up from product, cold, drying weather or air-con.

I discovered what works for me at a local Dermalogica store. They do a skin analysis, that can be as short as 5 minutes and recommend the best products for your skin needs. Totally worth the time!

IMG_3687Speaking of lips, mine need a little more love when the weather is transitioning. I’ve been using Labello lip balm for, literally,  decades, and I don’t think I will ever use another brand! Besides being super hydrating with an SPF of 15, the Med Repair variant is also non-greasy, which is the main reason I’ve used it for this long. I’m not a fan of that oily, shiny layer many other lip balms can leave on the lips. It’s like, if I was looking for a lip gloss, I would buy one and use that, you know?! Plus, it’s really beneficial that this balm has a built-in sunblock.



For dry hands, I like this E45 cream tube because it fits perfectly into my handbag. The cream has a lovely rich consistency, so all you need is a pea-sized amount, and it goes a long way to sooth dry hands (and forearms and elbows, too)






I like to use this Avene Thermal Spring Water spray just before I put on my moisturiser in the mornings and evenings. It’s also great as a blast of hydration when travelling, or when you’re being subjected to relentless aircon, indoors.


IMG_3681My ultimate hair care hack, is Dove’s Pure Dry Oil with African Macadamia Oil. Just a small 10c-sized amount lathered into the hair ends after washing, and then leaving it to dry naturally, makes for softer, shinier, moisturised hair. I discovered this product a few years ago, and because I only use a tiny bit at a time, I’ve only bought a new bottle 3 times!

These are definitely in the top 10 products I can’t live without. And it took a while for me to discover them, so I encourage you to figure out what your own big beauty needs are and do your own discovery for your top products.

Happy discovery 🙂




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