Quickie Kid-friendly Tuna Cakes

I’ve been trying out some meatless and vegetarian lunch options lately and because there is only so much quinoa and bulgar wheat salad a girl can eat, I decided to switch it up a bit.

I was delighted to come across a few paleo friendly Tuna Cake recipes online that were pretty easy to adapt to my taste. And even more delighted when I figured out how easy they are to make…and (bonus) how cheap!

The kiddos will love this one too, but you might wanna go easy on the chilli, for them.

And because they take no time at all, you could whip them up as an after-school lunch, that’s light enough not to interfere with dinner time. They’re also not a bad alternative to crumbed chicken nuggets or fish fingers on those lazy Saturday afternoons.

To make about 4-6 cakes, you’ll need:

x2 cans of Tuna. I try to pick brands that have 100% fish (none of that filler crap), usually in water

Half a cup of almond flour

A bit of fresh coriander. I use a small, heaped palmful, chopped, but encourage you to adapt to your own taste

Half a red pepper, diced

Half a red onion, diced

2 eggs

A pinch of pink salt

A few grinds of black pepper

And a pinch of chilli flakes


Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, so that it’s combined well, working out all those almond flour clumps with a fork.

Heat a glug of extra virgin olive oil in a thick based pan.

Using a tablespoon, separate the mixture into heaps – 2 tablespoons per heap should do it. Then flatten onto a chopping board. Using the back of a spatula, flip them into the pan.

Because they’re a bit flimsy, be careful not to break them part as you flip. It takes a few tries. Lol.

I fried 3 cakes at a time, flipping them after about 5-7mins per side. They should be a nice golden brown when flipped.

Enjoy with a good helping of guacamole and some fresh tomato. Or just with mayo and some sweet potatoe fries!

So yummy!


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