The Bullet: A Caffeine Fix

In general, I drink one of 3 things most of the time: Water, Wine and Coffee.

Because I’m a bit sensitive to too much caffeine, I try to keep my coffee to two cups a day – maximum. And I’m not really too fussy about them, except that, they need to be freakin’ spectacular! (Listen, I didn’t say I don’t have high expectations, lol)

For the safety of those around me, I tend to have my first cup at home, before I have to face anyone. I also use it to inject some “energy” into my system & power me through my morning run. To be honest, I don’t think I could do a 6am run without it, lol!

My second, I have once I’ve arrived at work, if I still feel like I need a top up.

A while ago, I decided to reduce my dairy intake, including eliminating the milk in my morning caffeine fix. The short story is that too much dairy was making me bloated and I was tired of feeling like crap because of it. The long story is…a whole other blog post 😉

So, I use almond milk and coconut oil to substitute the creamy texture of cow’s milk in my 1st cup. And the health benefits have been pretty great – no bloating and the perfect digestion kickstart in the morning.

Some people love real butter in their morning bullet, but I find that a bit too rich for me. Enter, Coconut oil! It has a lovely sweet flavour, if your using a good organic grade, with all the benefits of Multi-chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – Coconut oil is about 60% MCT.

The reason MCTs are so great is because not only are they immune boosting, but they also help with endurance, weight management, blood sugar stabilisation & brain function. Google and Pinterest will tell you all the things, if you’re keen to know more.

The biggest and most obvious benefit I’ve experienced by having a morning bullet, is the almost immediate effect on my digestive tract – It’s definitely awake after just one cup! Lol.

How I like it…

  • One brewed cup of strong coffee, either:
    • Nespresso pods – I like the copper colour ones or the deep purple ones (nice and strong). I usually do this on weekday mornings,  to save time.
    • Plunger – I use 2-3 heaped Tbs with 1-2 cups of water
  • A splash of Almond Breeze, Barista Blend almond milk – Turning the coffee a nice mocha colour
  • A Tbs organic coconut oil
  • A tsp vanilla extract (when I feel like a little something special)

Once I’ve brewed a cup, I add all the other ingredients & whizz it for a quick 10-20 seconds in the Nutribullet, until the mixture is frothy & creamy-looking.

And enjoy 🙂

P.S. If it’s your first time trying this, maybe stay close to the loo, just in case 😉

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