Hummus: An at-home hack

Entertaining at home is kinda what The Hubster and I do best. We love having people over & I love nothing better than putting out a great snack platter to get the party started –  those who know, KNOW, how much I luuurve a good snack platter, LOL.


I’ve already shared one of my firm favourite snack accompaniments, my Easy Peezy Presto Pesto. And a great compliment to it, is this hummus.


I LOVE hummus –  I mean, it’s just the perfect little party platter bestie. I even love it on toast, stirred through a salad, or (literally) eating it straight out of the container…Gasp! Yes.


WARNING: This recipe doesn’t use Tahini.

I am aware Tahini is kind of the main ingredient in hummus, however, not only is Tahini a bit pricey, I also find it hasn’t lasted very long when I have purchased it and…it’s not really something the average girl would have in her pantry cupboard.


However, as with many of my discoveries in the kitchen, I stumbled onto this recipe out of sheer curiosity, spontaneity  and just a pinch of boredom – which meant, I didn’t have any Tahini just lying around and was forced to improvise (read: cheat)


Now, don’t dispair! There are about a million other ways to get that same Mediterranean flavour a great hummus is known for, and this recipe uses my best hack: Cumin. Yep, that easy!


So, you’ll need:

 2 cans of good grade chickpeas

Half a cup of olive oil

2 tsp ground Cumin (I find adding more than this, makes the humus a bit too bitter)

2 cloves Garlic (Or one really huge one)

Juice of half a lemon

1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper*

A large grind of Himilayan salt

Half a cup of water handy – in case the mixture gets a bit too thick


*The extra spice, is totally optional. I like a spicy hummus, so I tend to kick it up a notch with the Cayenne (if you’re wanting to make this for the kids, maybe ditch the Cayenne)


Canned chickpeas generally come in brine. And brine is great for preserving the peas, but it’s a bit gross tasting, actually. So before going anywhere near the processor with your peas, rinse them thoroughly in cold water to get rid of the brine coating.


Pour the rinsed chickpeas into the processor with all your other ingredients, and blend away.

I don’t mind a grainier consistency to this hummus, so I only let it go for about 3 – 5 mins or so, adding water as needed.


Once you’re hummus mixture meets your consistency preferences, scoop into a glass jar, for serving or storage. This recipe keeps for about a week in the fridge.

I love to serve mine with some chopped coriander and extra Cayenne pepper sprinkled on top and a tiny bit more olive oil.


Dip in your carrots, cucumber, rice cakes and more!

It’s also really great the morning after the night before, on a slice of crunchy toast.



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