Giving good face – Rosehip Oil

My mom has been an advocate for essential oils for as long as I can remember, and even more so as she has gotten older – using her own special combinations to tackle everything from a sore throat to aging skin to cellulite.

Her influence is so far-reaching, that my besties still associate me with the overpowering smell of Lavender during our Matric final exams – My mom insisted on having me wear a linen handkerchief with the oil sprinkled on it in my shirt pocket, to calm my nerves for every exam…bless her!

I can’t argue that it didn’t work, though 🙂 And, I still use Lavender, religiously, to help me sleep & to dry up my occasional hormonal acne, even now.

So, when I told her I was looking for a good night oil or serum for my skin, that for starters, wasn’t going to break the bank; but was also going to nourish my skin AND minimize the appearance of blemishes and dark spots, of course she had a tried and tested essential oil remedy for me!

Enter, Rosehip oil.


The benefits of the oil are pretty great. Here’s the link to my Bold & Beautiful Pinterest board, for some sources on the benefits.

But the key advantage for me – especially because I prefer to keep quite a minimalist beauty routine – is that it’s a fantastic all-rounder.

Rosehip oil assists with hydration, skin clarity, reduction in age spots and scaring as well as being anti-septic AND anti-aging! What more could a girl ask for…?

On  a recent trip to Paris, I discovered it was a staple on many Parisian pharmacy beauty counters & it’s a key ingredient in many well-known skin care branded products, like: The Ordinary and Trilogy

Some tips for use:

  1. Use it at night only, because it is still an oil after all – nobody wants to be burning their skin in direct sunlight, by wearing it in the day!
  2. Find a good quality, cold-pressed version – I buy the SOiL brand and usually buy it at Wellness Warehouse, but you can also get it at Clicks and Dischem (stocked with the essential oils)
  3. It’s a great carrier oil, don’t be afraid to mix in other oils – I mix mine with 10-15 drops of Lavender oil (duh!) and use it at night as my moisturizer
  4. The shelf life is about 6 months when mixed with other oils. Keeping it out of direct sunlight is best to prolong the lifespan and stop it from going rancid

From an effectiveness point of view, it’s not a one-use miracle oil (don’t we all wish!), but I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I can definitely see that my skin looks (and feels) plumper with more elasticity – even when I haven’t slept well and am stressed or haven’t been eating well.

I’ve also experience a significant reduction in breakouts and a quicker healing time when I do break out.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive serum that you can literally get at any pharmacy or wellness store, with a ton of great uses & benefits – this is for you!

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